Little Boy Blue with David Jones

The third and final look that we have put together for the David Jones’ Summer 16’ Homewares range is one that is sure to make Little Boy Blue himself green with envy. Working closely with Conrete & Honey, we sought to create the ultimate nursery for little lads who dream by the sea...

We started with a base of crisp white – thanks to a gorgeous Classic White Boori Cot and Boori Universal Change table – and then incorporated beautiful blues and playful nautical notes to bring this marvellous seascape to life.

With striped cushions, a wonderful plush whale and a pair of gorgeous overalls fit for the cutest of first mates, you can almost smell the salt air and hear the seagulls chirping.

To shop this look head over to the newly launched David Jones baby and nursery website today.

1. Boori Classic Royal Cot
2. Boori Universal 3 Tiered Change Table
3. Urbane by Boori Breathable Mattress
4. Bebe by Minihaha ‘Bailey Kangaroo with Joey’
5. Sheridan Baby ‘Saxby Knitted Stripe Cushion’
6. Sheridan Baby ‘Saxby Knitted Stripe Throw’
7. Nici ‘Plush Standing Sea Monster’
8. Beatrix Potter ‘Peter Rabbit Pull Along Toy’

Photography & styling by Conrete & Honey.

26 Sep 2016
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The Wonderful World of Miniwilla

Swedish duo Sandra and Marcus of Miniwilla not only bring style and playfulness to their product designs, they also have an incredibly cool abode that their children are very lucky to inhabit...

Crisp and clean and full of iconic pieces, their house really is a child's dream.

With places to climb, an indoor swing and piles of costumes and toys to enjoy, we wish we were lucky enough to live in this amazing house!

You can check out Miniwilla's fantastic work over on their website and follow their amazingness on Instagram.

01 Dec 2015
kids rooms

JJ's Room

It’s black, it’s white and it is home for one adorable little dude called JJ. With a strong Scandinavian influence, the room is chic and simple but features just enough trinkets to keep the eye entertained and the imagination alive...

We asked his mum Mel a few questions about his lovely room...
What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up JJ's room?
J’s room is influenced by the current Scandinavian trends, a little monochrome madness and some of natures own – wood.

I love it when eclectic comes together! It’s minimalistic and not over cluttered, yet still hypnotises you to play in there all day. It has a calming ambience to it.

What is your favourite thing in JJ's room?
It would definitely have to be the wood branch, with the hanging polaroid photos. They are all photos of JJ, from birth to now and I constantly change them. One of my favourite DIY projects.

What is JJ's favourite thing in his room?
JJ adores his felt badger rug. He is forever roaring at it, I think he may think it’s a lion… or a real life badger!

18 Apr 2015
black and white

Little Spaces - Billie's Room

Billie's adorable room was lovingly created by her mum Mel of Hello Little Birdie, who wanted to give Billie her own little whimsical escape. The space is both welcoming and magical and we have no doubt Billie spends hours here dressing up, playing make believe and whiling away the hours...

"This room was designed for my daughter Billie. I wanted to create a space for her where all her troubles would melt away. A room that was whimsical, dreamy, calming and inspiring. A space where she could lose herself in her imagination. Billie’s room was designed to grow with her and keep her company for years to come".

We asked Mel a little about what makes Billie's room so special...
What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up Billie's room?
Billie’s room was inspired by the song “somewhere over the rainbow”. I wanted to create a space for her where ‘the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”. A little piece of her own haven, where her imagination is free to run wild; a space where she can grow, be inspired, create memories and most of all have fun! The dreamy colour palette is soothing and the room has a calming aura. She absolutely loves playing in her room, for hours on end.

What is your favourite thing in Billie's room?
My favourite item in Billie’s room is the Sara Winfield ‘Always with Me’ print. It’s such a stunning piece of art of a whimsical girl who is beyond mesmerising. It truly captures our hearts. Oh and I love her mint dresser!

What is Billie's favourite thing in her room?
Billie just adores her mini succulent mister moss plant. She loves nature and the outdoors, so bringing the outdoors in put a big smile on her face. I have a mister moss in the house also, so she thinks it’s extremely special, "just like mums" she says. “A baby moss”.

Where did you collect the pieces in her room from?
Here, there, and everywhere! Billie’s bed was purchased from Incy Interiors - it was love at first sight for the both of us. Her restored dresser was a little DIY project of mine. We both worked hard to paint it and us!

A lot of the small pieces were purchased from independent stores found on social media sites, such as @_zilvi (custom wood name flag) @onetwonine_ (custom made quilt) @dandymoon (handmade banner) @hellohellostudio (gold crown) @goldfrankincensemyrrh (feather headband) - to name a few! Billie’s chair and stool were both purchased from The Family Love Tree.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids?
Oh there are so many adorable places for kids. I am an addict, I can’t stop buying stuff. I have two favourites at the moment Norsu Interiors and Design Stuff.

13 Mar 2015

Little Spaces - Ebba & Carl

If the gorgeous Sophie from @kidsdesignlife was your mum, you'd be one lucky little tyke! Ebba & Carl know first hand what it's like living in a room beautifully put together by her clever eye and we are delighted to be sharing both of their fun abodes...

Mum Sophie admits to a love of both Instagram and kids rooms, so it was only a matter of time till their gorgeous rooms would find their way onto this visual platform.

Discovering tons of ideas and as well as other amazing Insta folk inspired Sophie to share the two rooms she has painstakingly put together.

Apart from being a mum and an Insta addict, she is also a lawyer, often representing women and children involved with domestic abuse. In contrast the challenges of her job, Sophie's Instagram is her fluffy pink cloud where she wants everything to be sweet and wonderful.

Two year old daughter Ebba's room was redecorated three times before she was even born! 'I still can't get my hands off, but not to the same extent... Now I am mostly moving things around, creating new "sweet spots" as I like to call it'.

As for 1 month old Carl's room (featured in the first few shots), she was so sure she was going to have a second daughter that she started decorating thinking it was going to be another girls room.

'But it was a boy! Luckily for me who had to redecorate it again ;) You can imagine how happy my husband is about this!'.

Delighted with one of each, she loves the fact that she can play around with both a girly and boyish space, constantly rearranging and adding little touches to both rooms. Check Sophie's Instagram feed for my great pics.

01 Mar 2015

Little Spaces - Freja’s Room

There comes a time in every adult’s life that we must stop and ask ourselves, ‘What would Freja do?’… Well to tell you the truth, she’d probably dance around on her bed covered in glitter listening to rock music. And that’s what you should do too...

We adore the dusty pink colouring and striking polka-accessories in Freja’s stunning room, so we couldn’t wait to catch up with her mum to find out what inspired the design of this gorgeous and practical little space...
How would you describe Freja?
Freja is a loving and cautious little girl, but at the same time she’s the girl who’s covered in mud every day when picked up from kindergarden and who loves to dance to rock music and jump around on our bed. Like most girls her age she loves pink, purple and glitter - and her shabby old plush bunny with one eye, of course.

What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up Freja's room?
Freja both plays and sleeps in her room so I’ve tried to create a space where she can do both. That meant keeping walls and furniture simple in color and having practical storage for all the toys. This was to create a calm space to sleep in when all the colorful toys had been put away for the night.

For storage we have bookcases with doors where Freja can reach everything herself and the doors keep everything hidden when not used. In addition we love our storage totes which are used for Freja’s huge collection of plush toys and her dress up clothes. There’s no real theme of the room but monochrome patterns softened with pale and dusty pinks are definitely what dominates the decor - other than the white furniture and wooden floors, but hey, we’re Scandinavian so this was the natural way for us to go.

Room for play is important in every kids room. Freja uses the floor and her kid-sized table and chairs when playing in her room. One of her bookcases with doors contains a built-in kitchen and Freja loves to cook - and pack lunches and invite us for picnics. For her third birthday Freja got a teepee where she plays hide and seek and invites us in to read her favorite books to her. Huge decorative LEGO blocks are actually storage for her Duplo collection and new book shelves displaying her favorite things have just come up.

What is your favourite thing in Freja's room?
My favourite things about Freja’s room are the natural light, the moon posters, the bunny light string and her Nununu Teepee.

What does Freja's love most about her room?
Freja’s favorite things are ever-changing. One day it’s the teepee, the next day it’s her LEGO’s and at the moment it’s her kitchen. In general she loves it when something new happens in her room (lucky for me as I’m changing it all the time) and she always plays the best just after I’ve tidied up the room.

This is somewhat annoying because as a consequence the room is never tidy for long but I get it - It’s way more fun playing when you have the space for it and everything is easily found. Sometimes she even rediscovers old forgotten toys.

Where did you collect the pieces in her room?
Freja’s room is not an expensive room with designer furniture. Most of them are from IKEA and most of the smaller decor are from different Danish brands and stores. The teepee is handmade from and I have made lots of things for her room myself.

I do have a soft spot for gorgeous kids room decor and I run my own business, webshop with handpicked designs for kids rooms from all over the world. Many of the things from the shop end up in Freja’s room - pillows, toys, lights etc. and I rarely pick anything for the shop that I wouldn’t use in her room.

08 Feb 2015
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Little Spaces - Miss D's Room

Little Miss D is the lucky inhabitant of this magnificent room. A rather unique space, it is filled with plenty of contrast to keep the owner besotted. The pinks and blues, new and old, magically work together to create an overall eclectic yet particular look...

We found out more about Miss D's room from lovely Kate and Tania from Tate Design New Zealand. ...
How would you describe Miss D?
A little girl who likes nice things. She knows what she likes and actually has an eye for detail!

What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up Miss D's room?
A place to dream and explore in as well as having all the fun girly things little girls love! Miss D loves lying on her bed and gazing around her room. We think that's pretty great!

What is your favourite thing in Miss D's room?
Favourite thing would be her bunny light! So practical and whimsical at the same time!

Where did you collect the pieces in her room?
There is a mix of old and new pieces. Some were passed down through the generations and upcycled finds were from Trademe. The beautiful new furniture is from Touchwood and Incy Interiors (bed). It's a real eclectic mix overall!

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids?
Tea Pea in Wellington for gorgeous interiors and accessories. Meg, the owner and her team are so helpful and that's why we keep going back!

All images courtesy of Tate Design New Zealand.

24 Jan 2015
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Holiday Sleepovers with @chloeuberkid

My favourite thing about school holidays are the lie ins! Bed time gets later and evenings are full of the kids all paying together and watching films with all routine out of the window! We have an extra mattress rotating around their rooms so the kids can bring their covers and all pile in together for the ultimate cosy evenings...

Kitty and Raffy in pyjamas By Graziela.
Bella in Aquarium Kids hairband and Caroline Bosmans cardigan.
Satch in Miller jumper at Elias and Grace and Popupshop trousers.
Bedding by Sack Me!, By Graziela., Beau Loves and Mini Rodini.
Cushions by Children of the Tribe and Rebecca Kiff at Monkey Mccoy.
Upollo Crew toys by Leggybuddy.
Wooden stacking puzzles by Abacus Kids.
Areaware puzzle and Artoyz from Four Monkeys.
Mugs By Graziela.
Posters by Meeny Miny.
Postcards by Velveteen Babies.

Follow Chloe and her lovely family over on her website and Instagram. You can also read more about her here.

13 Dec 2014
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Little Spaces - Piper's Room

Welcome to the adorable world of Piper Peach. This whimsical little abode is piled high with pastels, filled with light and is the perfect space for her to grow up. Put together by her loving mum Nicola, the creative mind behind Concrete & Honey, this wonderful room is the perfect balance between sweetness and fun...

Thoughtful little details can be found in every corner and the all white floor and soft walls create the perfect backdrop for the delightful collection of treasures.

We caught up with Piper's lovely mum Nicola to find out more about her gorgeous room...
How would you describe Piper?
Happy, funny, magical, busy, beautiful

What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up Piper's room?
A safe, warm and bright space with lots of lovely things that felt good to be in.

What does Piper love most about her room?
Being able to reach the bottom shelf and choose books and toys to play with/knock to the ground.

What is your favourite thing in Piper's room?
I had strict design ideas when I set about creating her room but I received so many beautiful gifts for her that all these special things are what make the room hers and it's ended up so much more beautiful because of that.

So I guess my favourite thing is that every time I am in there I am reminded of all the love and loveliness we are blessed to have in our lives because of her. Oh and we are a little bit in love with our Mrs Oliver linen tent.

Where did you collect the pieces in her room?
All the basics were from IKEA (cot, shelves, curtains) and the rest from beautiful friends on Instagram who make things I can't resist! Like Squeak & Squirrel, Mrs Oliver, Baby Donkie, This Little Love, Little Letter Light Co, Lucky Juju, Sofofo and prints from Kelli Murray, Fifi Lapin and Ashley Goldberg.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids?
Online! There are so many clever people making beautiful handmade things. For real life shopping, Kido Store and Seed are always inspirational and My Messy Room in Stanmore and Charbella in Cronulla have masses of gorgeous stuff, they're a pleasure to be in.

All images are courtesy of Nicola Brooke of Concrete & Honey.

15 Nov 2014
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Raindrops with @chloeuberkid

It's pouring with rain here in the UK and so what better to cheer us up but lots of bright Boys & Girls clothes and getting out some new toys... We love the Des Enfantillages handmade wooden toys at Monkey Mccoy that look as good to display as they are to play with (the balance game even kept me occupied for a while - me and the skipping didn't last as long!). The kids also loved putting together and playing with the gorgeous press out cardboard toys from Flat Out Frankie. Perfect antidote to a grey day stuck inside!

Products: Catapault, hockey stick, balance game and skipping rope from Monkey Mccoy. Princesses, pirates and unicorn by Flat out Frankie and nesting dolls from Wee Gallery . Clothes by Boys and Girls Shop. Cross garland by Velveteen Babies and other wooden toys by Abacus Kids.

Follow Chloe and her lovely family over on her website and Instagram. You can also read more about her here.

13 Nov 2014