Rooms We Love

Little Spaces - Freja’s Room

There comes a time in every adult’s life that we must stop and ask ourselves, ‘What would Freja do?’… Well to tell you the truth, she’d probably dance around on her bed covered in glitter listening to rock music. And that’s what you should do too...

Rooms We Love

Raindrops with @chloeuberkid

It's pouring with rain here in the UK and so what better to cheer us up but lots of bright Boys & Girls clothes and getting out some new toys... We love the Des Enfantillages handmade wooden toys at Monkey Mccoy that look as good to display as they are to play with (the balance game even kept me occupied for a while - me and the skipping didn't last as long!). The kids also loved putting together and playing with the gorgeous press out cardboard toys from Flat Out Frankie. Perfect antidote to a grey day stuck inside!