Holiday Sleepovers with @chloeuberkid

My favourite thing about school holidays are the lie ins! Bed time gets later and evenings are full of the kids all paying together and watching films with all routine out of the window! We have an extra mattress rotating around their rooms so the kids can bring their covers and all pile in together for the ultimate cosy evenings...

Kitty and Raffy in pyjamas By Graziela.
Bella in Aquarium Kids hairband and Caroline Bosmans cardigan.
Satch in Miller jumper at Elias and Grace and Popupshop trousers.
Bedding by Sack Me!, By Graziela., Beau Loves and Mini Rodini.
Cushions by Children of the Tribe and Rebecca Kiff at Monkey Mccoy.
Upollo Crew toys by Leggybuddy.
Wooden stacking puzzles by Abacus Kids.
Areaware puzzle and Artoyz from Four Monkeys.
Mugs By Graziela.
Posters by Meeny Miny.
Postcards by Velveteen Babies.

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