JJ's Room

It’s black, it’s white and it is home for one adorable little dude called JJ. With a strong Scandinavian influence, the room is chic and simple but features just enough trinkets to keep the eye entertained and the imagination alive...

We asked his mum Mel a few questions about his lovely room...
What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up JJ's room?
J’s room is influenced by the current Scandinavian trends, a little monochrome madness and some of natures own – wood.

I love it when eclectic comes together! It’s minimalistic and not over cluttered, yet still hypnotises you to play in there all day. It has a calming ambience to it.

What is your favourite thing in JJ's room?
It would definitely have to be the wood branch, with the hanging polaroid photos. They are all photos of JJ, from birth to now and I constantly change them. One of my favourite DIY projects.

What is JJ's favourite thing in his room?
JJ adores his felt badger rug. He is forever roaring at it, I think he may think it’s a lion… or a real life badger!

18 Apr 2015