Little Spaces - Asher's Sweet Abode

When your mum is the clever mind behind children's interior design company Petite Vintage Interiors, it goes without saying that your bedroom would be pretty special. And one look at Asher's gorgeous little space shows she's one very lucky little girl...

We asked her mum Belinda a few questions about her gorgeous room...
Describe Asher
Asher, almost 2, is a bit rough and tumble. She loves drawing, spending time with Dad on the kayak, singing songs where she can do the actions and would be at her absolute happiest with a bowl of dip and some rice crackers. I have never seen a child love dip more than Asher.

What are Asher's favourite things to do?
A typical day would start with several changes of dress up clothes and some dancing. Asher and her sister Holly both adore cooking, craft and playing at the beach in front of our house. Asher loves her books and Holly adores her dolls. There is always some sort of role play happening, Holly is usually pretending to be mum and Asher is reluctantly being the baby/dad/dog/neighbour.

What sort of space were you trying to create when designing her room?
When designing Asher's room, I tried to think about what she might be interested in the years to come so kept some features removable, such as the wall decals. Storage is always at a premium so I wanted to make sure she had lots of special places to display her treasures.

The girls don't play in their rooms a lot but I do like to encourage them to read in there, so we have lots of books accessible to them and plenty of comfortable places to sit. Pieces of furniture that double as storage keep the rooms clear of clutter. I chose a full size chair for Asher's room, being bit younger, she still needs resettling at night sometimes and we all like to pile into the chair and read stories before bed. I can also use it somewhere else in the home in the future.

What is your favourite thing in her room?
It would be a toss up between the cloud light, the chair and the bed! All beautifully made pieces that will last a lifetime!

You mentioned having to work within certain limitations such as the feature wall colour and ceiling fans, how do you think these things effected your design choices?
By choosing coloured wall decals, I think it softens the wall colour a bit. It's still a strong colour but now it's a bit more feminine.

I find when you have things in a room that you don't love, for me it's the dark trims, old windows and ceiling fans, try to draw the eye away from them. I chose sheer drapes that would let light in but cover most of the dark trimmed windows. And with the ceiling fan, I just think theres so much more in the room to look at, I don't really notice it anymore!

As she grow up, what things do you think you might add to her room to help it grow with her?
I'd love to replace the small chest of drawers and chair with a desk at some point as Asher grows. She really loves cubby houses, so a teepee could work well in here too.

I'm all for encouraging the girls to enjoy their bedrooms for things other than sleep. I really love spending time in hereā€¦ it's my favourite space in the house.

26 Jun 2014