Little Spaces - Billie's Room

Billie's adorable room was lovingly created by her mum Mel of Hello Little Birdie, who wanted to give Billie her own little whimsical escape. The space is both welcoming and magical and we have no doubt Billie spends hours here dressing up, playing make believe and whiling away the hours...

"This room was designed for my daughter Billie. I wanted to create a space for her where all her troubles would melt away. A room that was whimsical, dreamy, calming and inspiring. A space where she could lose herself in her imagination. Billie’s room was designed to grow with her and keep her company for years to come".

We asked Mel a little about what makes Billie's room so special...
What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up Billie's room?
Billie’s room was inspired by the song “somewhere over the rainbow”. I wanted to create a space for her where ‘the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”. A little piece of her own haven, where her imagination is free to run wild; a space where she can grow, be inspired, create memories and most of all have fun! The dreamy colour palette is soothing and the room has a calming aura. She absolutely loves playing in her room, for hours on end.

What is your favourite thing in Billie's room?
My favourite item in Billie’s room is the Sara Winfield ‘Always with Me’ print. It’s such a stunning piece of art of a whimsical girl who is beyond mesmerising. It truly captures our hearts. Oh and I love her mint dresser!

What is Billie's favourite thing in her room?
Billie just adores her mini succulent mister moss plant. She loves nature and the outdoors, so bringing the outdoors in put a big smile on her face. I have a mister moss in the house also, so she thinks it’s extremely special, "just like mums" she says. “A baby moss”.

Where did you collect the pieces in her room from?
Here, there, and everywhere! Billie’s bed was purchased from Incy Interiors - it was love at first sight for the both of us. Her restored dresser was a little DIY project of mine. We both worked hard to paint it and us!

A lot of the small pieces were purchased from independent stores found on social media sites, such as @_zilvi (custom wood name flag) @onetwonine_ (custom made quilt) @dandymoon (handmade banner) @hellohellostudio (gold crown) @goldfrankincensemyrrh (feather headband) - to name a few! Billie’s chair and stool were both purchased from The Family Love Tree.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids?
Oh there are so many adorable places for kids. I am an addict, I can’t stop buying stuff. I have two favourites at the moment Norsu Interiors and Design Stuff.

13 Mar 2015