Little Spaces - Ebba & Carl

If the gorgeous Sophie from @kidsdesignlife was your mum, you'd be one lucky little tyke! Ebba & Carl know first hand what it's like living in a room beautifully put together by her clever eye and we are delighted to be sharing both of their fun abodes...

Mum Sophie admits to a love of both Instagram and kids rooms, so it was only a matter of time till their gorgeous rooms would find their way onto this visual platform.

Discovering tons of ideas and as well as other amazing Insta folk inspired Sophie to share the two rooms she has painstakingly put together.

Apart from being a mum and an Insta addict, she is also a lawyer, often representing women and children involved with domestic abuse. In contrast the challenges of her job, Sophie's Instagram is her fluffy pink cloud where she wants everything to be sweet and wonderful.

Two year old daughter Ebba's room was redecorated three times before she was even born! 'I still can't get my hands off, but not to the same extent... Now I am mostly moving things around, creating new "sweet spots" as I like to call it'.

As for 1 month old Carl's room (featured in the first few shots), she was so sure she was going to have a second daughter that she started decorating thinking it was going to be another girls room.

'But it was a boy! Luckily for me who had to redecorate it again ;) You can imagine how happy my husband is about this!'.

Delighted with one of each, she loves the fact that she can play around with both a girly and boyish space, constantly rearranging and adding little touches to both rooms. Check Sophie's Instagram feed for my great pics.

01 Mar 2015