Little Spaces - Freja’s Room

There comes a time in every adult’s life that we must stop and ask ourselves, ‘What would Freja do?’… Well to tell you the truth, she’d probably dance around on her bed covered in glitter listening to rock music. And that’s what you should do too...

We adore the dusty pink colouring and striking polka-accessories in Freja’s stunning room, so we couldn’t wait to catch up with her mum to find out what inspired the design of this gorgeous and practical little space...
How would you describe Freja?
Freja is a loving and cautious little girl, but at the same time she’s the girl who’s covered in mud every day when picked up from kindergarden and who loves to dance to rock music and jump around on our bed. Like most girls her age she loves pink, purple and glitter - and her shabby old plush bunny with one eye, of course.

What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up Freja's room?
Freja both plays and sleeps in her room so I’ve tried to create a space where she can do both. That meant keeping walls and furniture simple in color and having practical storage for all the toys. This was to create a calm space to sleep in when all the colorful toys had been put away for the night.

For storage we have bookcases with doors where Freja can reach everything herself and the doors keep everything hidden when not used. In addition we love our storage totes which are used for Freja’s huge collection of plush toys and her dress up clothes. There’s no real theme of the room but monochrome patterns softened with pale and dusty pinks are definitely what dominates the decor - other than the white furniture and wooden floors, but hey, we’re Scandinavian so this was the natural way for us to go.

Room for play is important in every kids room. Freja uses the floor and her kid-sized table and chairs when playing in her room. One of her bookcases with doors contains a built-in kitchen and Freja loves to cook - and pack lunches and invite us for picnics. For her third birthday Freja got a teepee where she plays hide and seek and invites us in to read her favorite books to her. Huge decorative LEGO blocks are actually storage for her Duplo collection and new book shelves displaying her favorite things have just come up.

What is your favourite thing in Freja's room?
My favourite things about Freja’s room are the natural light, the moon posters, the bunny light string and her Nununu Teepee.

What does Freja's love most about her room?
Freja’s favorite things are ever-changing. One day it’s the teepee, the next day it’s her LEGO’s and at the moment it’s her kitchen. In general she loves it when something new happens in her room (lucky for me as I’m changing it all the time) and she always plays the best just after I’ve tidied up the room.

This is somewhat annoying because as a consequence the room is never tidy for long but I get it - It’s way more fun playing when you have the space for it and everything is easily found. Sometimes she even rediscovers old forgotten toys.

Where did you collect the pieces in her room?
Freja’s room is not an expensive room with designer furniture. Most of them are from IKEA and most of the smaller decor are from different Danish brands and stores. The teepee is handmade from and I have made lots of things for her room myself.

I do have a soft spot for gorgeous kids room decor and I run my own business, webshop with handpicked designs for kids rooms from all over the world. Many of the things from the shop end up in Freja’s room - pillows, toys, lights etc. and I rarely pick anything for the shop that I wouldn’t use in her room.

08 Feb 2015