The Ultimate Playroom

When artist Yeka Haski was asked to create a playroom for the restaurant Biblioteka in Saint-Petersburg, her aim was to create a space where parents could leave their children while they enjoyed their meal and know the kids were also having a great time...

Working as an artist, designer and illustrator in Saint-Petersburg, Yeka Haski's bright, graphic works are full of fun characters. Her clear clean lines are filled with stripes, dots, and bold colours creating a crazy yet simple world to get lost in.

For the playroom, Yeka began with a concept then made sketches, supervised the production, painted the walls and directed the creation of soft toys and decorations. The finished room is a magical space and has been named 'Вивидом' (Wivy home) with it's main character - Wivy the cloud. Wivy lives there with his friends: Princess worm, Chewing gum, Dragon, Strawberry and others. In this land the impossible is possible: kids can jump under a rainbow, climb into the hollow of a real tree, or even paint on the huge colouring wall.

There is a soft corner with blue carpet that imitates the sky, this corner is buried under a pile of cuddly cloud cushions and finished off with a rainbow across the wall and ceiling. The centrepiece, a huge tree through which you can slide, was discovered already dead and dry in the woods and brought directly to its new home in the playroom.

The large colouring wall can be wiped clean with a cloth, allowing it to be reused time and again. There are creative areas designated for art and craft and these have become places where weekly workshops will be held. You can check out more of Yeka Haski's amazing projects on her website.