To Do - Nishi Rokugo Park

The homemade tree swing has been about as exciting as it gets when it comes to rubber tyres. Until now… This extraordinary children’s park in Tokyo contains a whopping 3,000 old vehicle tyres cleverly constructed into fabulous bridges, tunnels, mountains, slippery slides, a gigantic Godzilla dragon and our favourite, the towering rubber robot....

Not only is Nishi Rokugo Park a fun bottle of awesome sauce for little ones, but it’s also built around the idea of recycling.

So every little mind that steps inside the park should bounce out twenty minutes later with a slightly better understanding of the concepts of sustainability and reuse.

1-6-1 Nishirokugo,
Tokyo 144-0056
Note: Third image down on left courtesy of Nippon News.

08 Nov 2013