Pod Play

Designing children’s playgrounds would have to be up there with one of the most awesome jobs we could ever imagine doing. Right up there with writing a script for a crazy kid’s TV show and manning the fairy floss machine at the local fair… mmm fairy floss...

Imaging that you spent your day configuring twisting slides with terrific tunnels. Debating how on earth to connect the swings to the play pods and painting walls with crazy murals all in aim of sparking imaginative play. Sounds pretty good to us.

One team who has nailed it is TLC who designed this epic playground in Australia’s capital city, Canberra. The Pod playground is located sitting high in the hills amongst 100 forests of rare and endangered trees from around the world.

“The opportunity to design a play space as part of the 100 forests facility offered an opportunity to creatively engage children with the beauty of trees and we hope, foster a life-long connection to this remarkable environment” explains the Playground’s creators.

Using the idea of seeds as the beginning life amongst the forest, children and their families can enter a fantasy world of exaggerated scales. A play space with giant acorns floating in the sky, and enormous banksia cones nestled on the forest floor.

We love the idea of a Playground made from natural materials. So much so that we are thinking of taking a road trip to the nation’s capital to test this playground out for ourselves. We might even invite the kids!