A Space to Play

It’s a little ironic that one of the most incredible playgrounds on earth feels a lot like our neighbour, the Moon. Sleek, grey and futuristic, we are ready for lift off...

This exciting and picturesque playground in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, was designed by Spanish architects Eduardo Navadijos and Csaba Tarsoly, who set out to create a modern world that is open and airy for little inner-city adventurers.

With a firm belief that a playground is a springboard for a child’s imagination, the architects have incorporated colour and shape in a very tasteful way.

Unlike too many of today’s playgrounds that are plastered with saturated colour combinations and plastic obstructions, this design balances creativity with modern sophistication.

A chic blue and white colour scheme is countered by dramatic structures that cast crazy shadows to stimulate a child’s imagination.

It just goes to show that extraordinary fun and beautiful aesthetics can live side by side, and even complement one another. If you are in Madrid, we definitely recommend you stop by for a play.