Top of the World

Dance your way over the earth and see what it feels like to live with the birds. This breathtaking tree top walk in the Bavarian Forest National Park is the longest in the world and a must-do attraction if you are visiting Germany with your kids...

The impressive pathway to the sky includes over 1300 metres of low gradient walkways, completely suitable for prams. Along the way you will soar to new heights and be blown away by unspoiled views of the Bavarian forest, and even a stunning silhouette of The Alps on a clear day.

This marvellous spiralling, egg-shaped wonder is constructed with wood and is integrated into the forest to deliver a natural experience for all. There is also plenty of educational information about the surrounding plants and animals and also a number of wooden bridges and ropes for the more adventurous.

The Tree Top Walk,
Bavarian Forest National Park
Böhmstraße 43
94556 Neuschönau

For more information, visit the Tree Top website.

30 Jul 2014