Koskela Creative Workshops

Koskela is an Australian design company, located in a converted warehouse in Rosebery, Sydney. The beautiful space is filled with incredible artwork, homewares, custom furniture, children's toys and much more. For part of the space, they have set up a room filled to the brim with colour and inspiration, which is used to hold Creative Workshops. The classes are aimed at both adults and children, and range from creating geometric collages, basket weaving and even botanical printing, where children are encouraged to print their own wall paper! We were lucky enough to head along to a Felting Workshop at Koskela, and took a few snaps as the magic happened...

Facilitated by Jessica Robertson, Fun Felting was a hands-on experience where the children learnt the basic techniques of wet-felting. Learning the whole process, from where the felt comes from, right through to shaping their own creations, turning dyed sheep's wool into colourful, 3-dimensional forms.

Chalk board cupboards and colourful paints line the walls, creating the perfect space for the magic to happen. And it really did seem magical, watching as the mountain of wool, dyed in all colours of the rainbow, turned into beautiful solid balls and mats of colour.

So if you are ever in Sydney and need a creative outlet, be sure to head along to one of Koskela's Creative Workshops. You won't be disappointed.

08 May 2013