To See & Do - Luna Park Sydney

Though we have lived in Sydney for a while, we were yet to visit the iconic Luna Park. Upon our first visit, we assumed we would be met with the usual barrage of garish rides and obscene advertising, but when we took our first steps into the famous red mouth we were surprised by what we found...

With amusement parks becoming so over saturated with new age games and ear splitting sounds, it was a delight to be transported to a time when fairy floss and ferris wheels were the number one attractions.

Entertainers grace the colourfully painted midway with shiny bunches of balloons floating in the breeze, and old fashioned games and sidestalls give loose coins a happy home.

Based on the success of the first Luna Park which opened on Cony Island, New York in 1903, the Sydney park first opened its doors in 1935. Since then it has become an outstanding feature of Sydney's Harbour, taking pride of place to the north of the Harbour Bridge.

Inside Luna Park the buildings stand true to the its history, with carnival inspired paintings reminding us of time when one ride was never enough and stilts were a mandatory accessory for any park dweller.

At the very far end of the park you can find Coney Island - Funnyland, the only operating example of a 1930's funhouse left in the world. Aside from containing rotating barrels, moving platforms, large wooden slides, and arcade games, the funhouse is also home to photographs and memorabilia spanning Luna Park's 70-year history.

Thankfully Luna Park and its associated heritage items are now listed on the State Heritage Register, protecting this incredible piece of history for generations to come.

So allow yourself to be drawn in to the twinkling lights, salted popcorn and wobbly mirrors of Luna Park. A guaranteed fun day out.

Luna Park Sydney
1 Olympic Drive,
Milsons Point, 2061
+61 2 9033 7676