Bodie and Fou

For a very long time we have had a very serious crush on interiors brand, Bodie and Fou. One of those proper crushes that hijacks your mind during the day and keeps you up dreaming at night...

Bodie and Fou is so much more than just an online store, it is an experience to behold. One could say it is similar to reading the most beautiful magazine you’ve ever laid eyes on… but as you turn the pages everything is completely shoppable. Word.

The Bodie and Fou lifestyle boutique is run by two French sisters, Karine and Elodie. They are obviously perfectionists because the beautiful range of homewares they continue to source specifically for the design-lover is nothing short of amazing. Deep breaths people.

Striking a perfect harmony between gritty edge and elegance, this store sends us good vibrations every time we pay it a visit. It's friendly, enjoyable, stress-free and open 24/7... No crowd, no noise, no parking ticket, no heavy bag to carry... pure bliss.

Check it our for yourself here.

11 May 2015