To Shop - Advice From A Caterpillar

Would you take advice from a caterpillar? I guess it would depend on the type of caterpillar we are talking about. Are we talking about a caterpillar with shifty eyes and a gold bracelet around each of his hundred legs, or more the kind who wears top hats and monocles and smoke cigars? Either way, if it actually came down to it, we think we’d probably listen if we were to stumble across any type of talking caterpillar...

What an unforgettable name this charming children’s boutique in Toronto Canada has. Ever since we discovered it, it has remained front of mind. Not only because of it’s quirky name, but also because of the beautiful décor and stunning products that fill the shelves.

A lifestyle store for children ages newborn to six, this winning store is located in the heart of Toronto.

Just off the beaten path and a few blocks away from the hustle of the CBD, it remains a curious abode devoted to enchantment of childhood. Certainly worth a visit if you visit Toronto.

The store features an exclusive collection of curated items from around the world including new and vintage children’s clothing, furniture, toys, books, lifestyle accessories and baby necessities.

It is actually one of those stores you are probably best to leave your wallet in the safety of your hotel, as you are sure to want to buy everything in sight.

Be sure to check out the 'Advice From A Caterpillar' online store. Or next time you are in Canada, make a trip to the bricks and mortar:

Advice From A Caterpillar
8 price Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, m4w 1z4
(416) 960 2223

11 Oct 2014