To Shop - Elfie Store

Walking through the door of gorgeous London store Elfie, you'd be excused for thinking you had travelled back in time. Taking inspiration from old England, childhood fairytales and traditional children's clothes, the two sisters who launched Elfie set out to create a fun, magical and durable brand that would stand the test of time...

Using the magic of old England as the basis of their designs, the two sisters have managed to create a traditional British style with a modern edge.

Rich colours, tweeds, and floral prints mixed with old gypsy bright colours and ethereal beauty add to the more traditional elements of the designs whilst their own vintage hand-me-downs styled with skinny jeans, stripy tights and glitter shoes add a fresh, modern twist.

Their aim is to encourage children to explore outside, build dens and get creative, which naturally comes with mud, dirt and scuffles. To achieve this they set about designing clothes that look like they have come out of a fairy tale, but are built for robust children that frolic about.

Likewise the gorgeous Elfie store feels almost like a room in an old fashioned dollhouse filled with beautifully designed clothes that you can pass down through the generations.

Each collection is designed with complementing colour tones to encourage children to make up different looks and find their own style, whether it be pairing a corduroy dress with a sparkly cape, or a tweed coat with an animal hat.

The Elfie Boutique,
27 Chilworth Street,
London, W2 3HA

26 Dec 2014