To Shop - The Fairy Shop

Wandering through the front door of The Fairy Shop in Auckland is like venturing into an enchanted land at the bottom of your garden. Filled to the brim with an amazing array of magical frocks, floral crowns, glittery wands, a delightful cafe piled high with fairy cakes as well as a grotto for fairy tea parties, this store has everything a tiny fairy hopeful could ever dream of...

We popped into the fairy shop for a magical afternoon and asked Theresa a few questions about her about her wonderful store...
How did The Fairy Shop start?
An amazing lady named Jill Armstrong brought The Fairy Shop to New Zealand 16 years ago. I worked with her when I was younger and then bought the business 9 years ago. It was a gorgeous woodland store which has evolved into the fairy land magic that it is today! Same heart and love that it was started with but some what enlarged and evolved to what it is today!

What is your favourite thing about running the store?
I absolutely adore seeing the wonder and amazement on children's faces when they walk through the door, meet a fairy, see themselves in the mirror wearing one of our dresses, bite into a fairy cake and generally soak up the magic of the shop. It is a privilege to be part of so many children's parties and also to see Parents revel in their children's delight.

What makes your store different from other kids stores?
We aim to be a destination and an experience. People don't come just to buy a specific product. They come for an experience and we endeavour to deliver that to everyone who enters our store.

We strive to give the best customer service but not just to the adults, we believe the children need to be able to enjoy our store, enjoy the product and experience the magic first hand. We are not just a retail store - we are a kid friendly café, a party venue and one stop wonderland for all things fairy!

What kind of experience does The Fairy Shop aim to create when people enter the store?
When people open the doors they usually stop and gasp! This makes my heart melt. It was my ambition to create a piece of wonderland in our store. We want people to visit us not only because they know they will get a great product but also because it is an outing and an experience all at once. Customers deserve great service and in a store like ours it is important that the kids are happy! If kids are happy, Mothers are free to shop and explore and ask questions.

Tell us something about The Fairy Shop that might surprise people?
I think people expect me as the owner of The Fairy Shop to be a flower child who grew up searching for fairies deep in my mothers garden, however my childhood couldn't be further from this illusion. I grew up on a farm, I didn't have fairy parties, I didn't even have parents who talked about fairies or believed in them! I rode motorbikes, played hockey, had pet calves and generally was a bit of a Tom boy. Now I love pink and all the glorious goodness that goes with The Fairy Shop.

Do you have any exciting news coming up?
The Fairy Shop is constantly evolving and has new and exciting events. We have a World Famous Holiday programme to look forward to and 17 gorgeous boxes of dresses have just landed and been unpacked on to our shelves. Our pamper parties have been revamped and relaunched..... the list goes on!

79 Ponsonby Rd
New Zealand
+64 9 360 1560