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Melbourne has long been the shopping capital of Australia, and it goes without saying that it is home to some pretty amazing stores for little people too. One of our favourites is HUT 13. From wall-to-wall you will find a unique collection of original and vibrant homewares and handcrafted pieces made by local makers and designers...

We caught up with owner and serious style maker Lucy Mora to find out more about her colourful antics...
How did HUT 13 store start?
I didn't really plan to have a shop! My cousin who owned a cafe noticed that the shop next door was up for lease and she thought it would be a good idea. I had been following lots of local makers/design blogs and so that is where I drew my inspiration.

What is the idea behind the store?
The idea behind the store was to showcase Australian artisans. There is a growing movement in Melbourne of very talented crafters and makers and my enthusiasm for their work made it an obvious choice for the direction I was heading in.

What makes your store different from other stores?
I like to think I had started with this concept as a point of difference however quite a few shops now have the same ethos. I was one of the first to run exhibitions and openings and workshops in a shop. I continue to try and carve out a difference and spend a lot of time thinking of new ideas to keep it fresh.

What kind of atmosphere does HUT 13 aim to create when people enter?
The atmosphere is a happy one! In our children's department I like to stock toys that are creative or nostalgic . We have beautifully hand made dolls and wooden toys. We also do small runs of clothing for kids! The home-wares are both practical and decorative. We are a one stop gift shop full of colour and interesting things that you don't see anywhere else.

If you were a kid in Melbourne where would be the first place you would go?
Collingwood Children's farm….. still love it!
Do you have any exciting news coming up?
We're going to install an indoor veggie patch! Bring in the kids and let them have a dig.

Store Address
79 Swan St, Richmond, VIC 3121
(+613) 94281750

You can also find HUT 13 on instagram and facebook.


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