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If we were fifty centimetres shorter... then we know what we'd be sleeping on tonight... Why an Incy Interiors bed of course! This gorgeous Australian based brand specialises in designer furniture and homewares for children and babies. Setting themselves apart with classic yet stylish designs, their products not only look great, but are functional and affordable. So it goes without saying that we were very excited when Incy Interiors opened up a new store in Chatswood, NSW, not only stocking their own beautiful wares, but a selection of amazing other brands as well....

We caught up with Kristy, the great mind behind Incy Interiors, to find out more about the new store...
How did Incy Interiors store start?
Incy has been around for three and a half years now and we have a number of stockists across Australia, but we were always asked by people where they could view our products in Sydney. We do have limited stockists in Sydney and after living on the lower north shore for 13 years and having spent MANY hours at Chatswood Chase, we figured there was no better place to open our flagship store.

What is the idea behind the store?
The store is a collection of all our favourite products from brands just like ourselves. 99 per cent of the products sold in the Incy store are all Australian designed and from small businesses like us, who are all super hard-working and passionate about what they do. At Incy everything we do is from the heart, including the selection of brands we sell in the store.
We 100% believe in all the brands we stock – we love the story behind how they started, we love their passion for delivering beautiful products and we love that it isn’t mass produced and available everywhere. Australian design is leading the world at the moment and we are so proud to be associated with such talented - but most importantly - lovely people.

What makes your store different from other kids stores?
The main difference between us and other stores is the products we sell. As mentioned the products are lovingly selected and not available everywhere. It’s rare to see these smaller brands sold in a major shopping centre.

What kind of atmosphere does Incy Interiors aim to create when people enter?
We want people to feel the love - we want them to feel comfortable for their kids to jump on the beds and draw on the walls.

Tell us something about Incy Interiors that might surprise people?
My brother Tom came up with the name Incy and he is now the Manager of the new Chatswood Chase store. It is a bit of a family affair with my sister being our Marketing Manager and my other sister being my nanny. If only mum and dad had more children!

Chatswood Chase Store
Shop 219, Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre,
345 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, NSW
(02) 9412 3884

Bathurst Store
139 George Street, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 6072