To Shop - Kid's Republic

Walking into Kid's Republic Book Store in Beijing, China, is like walking into a giant kaleidoscope of colour. With rainbow walkways flowing in all directions, and plush colour wheel carpets scattering the floors, you are delightfully surrounded in colours that pop as far as the eye can see. One of our favourite parts are the rainbow cubby holes that scatter the walls, creating little spaces for children to read in and let their imaginations run wild. Designed by architects Sako, Children's Republic provides the very best children's books and a relaxing reading environment to escape to.

On the first floor is an activity room, where colourful ribbons and rainbow carpets fill the space. Activities like story-telling and animation shows are held here.

The 100-metre-long colourful ribbon serves various functions as it twists and turns through the space, leading from the hall, up along the stairs and into the book store.