To Shop - Paper2

Started by graphic designer Margaret Rockliff, Paper2 is a beautiful little store dedicated to all things paper. Nestled in the heart of Sydney's Surry Hills, you will find walls and cabinets filled with an array of paper and stationary collected from all over the globe...

Created out of Margaret's passion for Graphics, Paper2 has become a home away fom home for anyone wanting something a little different.

Stocking a wide range of paper products and accessories from the tranditional to more wacky, Paper2 has a relaxed atmosphere that invites you to spend hours perusing the lovingly sourced knick knacks.

From the beautiful patterned papers and coloured pom poms draping the walls, children will walk into this space to find a treasure trove on offer.

Hand crafted paper toys and vintage tins of wooden stamps wait to paitiently on the shelves.

While drawers of colour and reels of ribbon bring to mind afternoons filled with fun.

There is certainly no lack of inspiration in this wonderful little store, Margret picks all of the objects personally creating an offering that is unique in a market that is over saturated with similar products.

So quickly go and break some pencil leads, so that you can dash down to Paper2 and spend a happy afternoon picking some new ones.

28 May 2013