To Shop - TINY

Nestled in the heart of Berlin’s Mitte district lies a beautiful new concept store for kids called TINY. A welcoming space with a modern interior and beautiful selection of brands, TINY is a must visit...

With care taken to preserve the buildings original features TINY has created a space that you could easily spend hours in perusing all of the lovely wares.

"We collect our hand-picked selection of international brands for children that reflects our passion for quality and appreciation of curiosity and fun in design." Stocking many of our favourite brands such as Anatology, Fine Little Day, Mini Rodini, and Omy; you are sure to find some treasures here.

There is also the exciting news that their beautiful hand-picked selection will soon be available on online, so you can get involved in the TINY magic no matter where you are.

We asked Anne, the great mind behind TINY about her beautiful store...
How did TINY store start?
With a lot of work and a kick off party. And before all of that it was a big dream hiding behind my forehead growing and growing until it got too big and had to continue growing in reality. (seeing a pregnancy analogy here? Well, it's my baby!)

What is the idea behind the store?
It's a gathering of my favourite items for kids: fun but not corny, practical but not boring, cool but age appropriate. I'm utilizeing the whole shop to draw attention to the amazing, fantastic and humorous parts of kids rather than pointing out their "dark sides" like growing so fast / geting dirty all the time / not appreciating cool toys. And it seems to work. I had couples in here thinking of having a second baby... mission accomplished.

What makes your store different from other kids stores?
In comparison with most of the german stores I'm pretty active on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. And thats where a lot of my inspiration comes from. I am younger than most of the kids store owners and somehow part of a new generation which might make my store a little more modern too.

For example we tried to get rid of the stereotypical cuteness but didn't leave out the playful parts while creating the DNA of TINY. Unisex items play a big role in my selections, so do sustainable or organic materials. I am not reinventing the wheel, but I'm giving it a new colour.

What kind of atmosphere does TINY aim to create when people enter?
An airy but cozy feeling.

Tell us something about TINY that might surprise people?
While coming up with the identity of TINY we treated the store as if it was a real child. So we thought about what it might like to wear or to do, how its room would look like and what kind of temper it would have. We wanted its DNA to grow as organically as possible and this kind of approach helped a lot.

If you were a child in Berlin where would be the first place you would go?
The botanical garden. It's like Disney Land with plants – magical!

Do you have any exciting news coming up?
An online shop! That is very exciting.

11 Jul 2014