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We have long been fans of gorgeous Spanish brand tinycottons... So we are extremely excited that they have just opened a stunning flagship boutique in Barcelona. With a lovely range of clothes based around comfort, quality and fun, tinycottons wanted to create a space that was different from other children stores out there...

We chatted to tinycottons about the idea behind their lovely store...
How did tinycottons store start?
This idea was there from the very beginning, of course it took time to make it real, we were looking for the perfect place for a long time, and suddenly it appeared, we didn't hesitate, we went for it. Located in the Barcelona city centre, Eixample neighbourhood, full of great shops, and lot of families, we found our own space that represented our point of view on kids fashion.

What is the idea behind the store?
The idea was to create a space that wouldn't look like a typical shop with kids clothing. We wanted to create a place ideal for more curious parents who look for something fresh, with new designs, selective products and great quality, as well as being eco conscious.

What makes your store different from other kids stores?
tinycottons shop is simply the essence of tinycottons... simple, easy shapes, comfortable, minimal, yet fun and attractive. A place where you can find our full collection, well displayed, with an easy cross merchandise, to help on the buying process. At the very end we decided to add some cool partners in crime, such as Omy, mini fjallraven Kanken, kids Hershel, lovely houses and dolls from Rock and Pebble, books and beautiful illustrated albums for little ones and much more.

Tell us something about tinycottons that might surprise people?
Our great team is extremely small! We work really hard every day, we started from "0" in july 2014 and we have now 142 retailers across the world, and many more to come for the upcoming seasons, we need to thank each and everyone of our retailers and clients for letting our dream come true.

If you were a child in Barcelona where would be the first place you would go?
Probably a good option is to start with a good breakfast at Travel&Cake (Carrer Aribau), then a visit to Cosmo Caixa (a great museum for kids!) or a visit to Park Laberint (Horta), after that a lunch at Fast & Vinic (kids can draw on their walls, simple organic food, calm music, great for parents too!) and finally a beach walk at sunset.

Do you have any exciting news coming up?
We are working hard on our new winter collection which we'll present at Playtime Paris next January, this collection will be a big step for us, we are introducing lot of newness, denim pants, a full woven collection and some outwear, better prices, and even better quality...! really happy about these! And soon we're moving to our NEW headquarters, nice location, with a great showroom, we're very excited! You are all welcome to visit us!

Store Address
Rambla Catalunya 31, Barcelona
(+34) 935 842 352


28 Dec 2014