Touch the Sky

Nestled into the hillside on Mount Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak, LEAPrus 3912 is an eco-hotel like no other. The breathtaking alpine retreat sits at a 4,000 metres above sea level in the side of a dormant volcano in Russia. A rather unique address that’s for sure...

The stunning complex was designed by LEAPfactory, a team of Italian architects who specialise in designing accommodation for extreme environments. Completely self-efficient, whilst also boasting elegant interiors and incredible panoramic views, we think they’ve struck an amazing balance between function and splendour with this clever design.

The hotel has intelligent modular system made up of three pre-fabricated tubes, which provide protection against the harsh elements. Sleeping 49 people, this stratospheric hotel is typically inhabited by mountain climbers and extreme adventurers.

However the hotel’s creators are convinced of the region’s potential to be Russia’s next tourism hot spot ''...the vastness of the unique natural landscapes and the ancient troubled history of its peoples are the centrepiece of a great experience.'' Hmm we don’t doubt that theory, but think we might keep our feet firmly planted on the ground for now. But beautiful nonetheless.

Mount Elbrus
Caucasus, Russia
OJSC North Caucasus Development Corporation
Ph: (87934) 4-28-30, (87934) 2-18-17

13 Aug 2014
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Hotel Cool

Hotel de Glace is one of the coolest hotels in the world. In more ways than one! Made entirely of ice and snow – 15,000 tons of it in fact – taking a holiday here is bound to be an experience you and the family will never forget...

You don’t have to travel to the North Pole to find this amazing icy wonder, just 10 minutes from downtown Quebec City in Canada, it is central enough for a fun few nights, if you can bear the chill.

An architectural marvel, Hotel de Glace features 36 rooms and themed suites along with an incredible ice bar, cafe, outdoor pace and sauna, wedding chapel and an amazing giant ice slide for the young at heart.

Hotel de Glace, the only ice hotel in North America, is open each year from January to March. For more information and bookings, visit the hotel’s website.

Hotel de Glace
9530, rue de la Faune
Pavillon d'accueil : 9300, rue de la Faune
Québec, QC
G1G 5H9
Ph : 418.623.2888

12 Aug 2014
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Stargazing Hotel

Fancy a star-spangled slumber party beneath the dark of the night’s sky? Well, look no further than magical Elqui Domos in the heart of the mythical Elqui Valley, surrounded by the Andes Mountains in central Chile...

The only astronomic hotel in the Southern Hemisphere, the Elqui Domos is a hotel like no other. Comprised of seven timber framed PVC geodesic domes with retractable roofs, a night spent in the Elqui Domos is a night spent in absolute luxury peering up into the grandeur of the one of the world’s most star-filled skies.

When we say luxury, we mean it. These are not dark, spidery, flimsy man-tents. No way. With their two storey floor plans, these things are proper high-rollers in the camping world. Each dome has its own private terrace, a living room and bathroom on the lower floor and a double bed on the upper floor positioning right under the detachable roof.

The inspiration behind this unusual destination hotel was to create a space that would introduce the infinity of the Chilean night sky into people’s hearts, encouraging an intimate connection between guests and the bigger universe.

Everything about the lodging is centred on the energy of the sky. You can enjoy reiki, astronomic tours, day and night horse rides, meditation and tarot sessions. The world, no the universe, is your oyster when you stay in this enchanting place.

Elqui Domos is located 110 km from La Serena city (regional capital, and closest airport LSC) and 580 km from Santiago. More information is available on the Elqui Domos website.

09 Jul 2014
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When in Milan...

If it is fashion, art, architecture, food and design you have a hankering for, you can’t go wrong with a quick trip to Milano. And when in Milan, one must even rest in style...

The new Boscolo Exedra Milano gives rise to a new concept of luxury design hotels. Located in the heart of Milan’s fashion district, the hotel is a beautiful synthesis of modern style and art with stunning heritage and architectural buildings.

Believe it or not, the hotel on Corso Matteotti dates back to the 1920s where it used to be an IMI Bank. It was completely reimagined by Italian architect Italo Rota, who worked wonders restoring the distinctive traits of the historical buildings, while also extracting a modern and artistic melody.

From the appointed architectural firm and construction materials, to the artworks, custom furniture and finishes hanging inside, every single thing used to create this hotel is a symbol of Italian excellence.

The hotel has a grand and wondrous entrance, with bright glass windows and sparkling harlequin sculptures. A collection of enchanting spaces, it manages to respectfully blend innovation with European tradition.

With 154 rooms it’s not the smallest of Hotels. But with no two rooms being the same, you are guaranteed to experience complete personalisation in service. No two stays will ever be the same.

But our favourite part is definitely the intelligent lighting systems installed throughout the hotel, which automatically changes colour and intensity according to exterior factors such as time, season, and the weather.

Corso Giacomo Matteotti 4/6
20121 Milano
+39 02 77679662

20 Jun 2014
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To Stay - The Lost City of Atlantis

The Atlantis Paradise Island is a resort and waterpark located on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. A complete megasaurus motel in every sense of the word, The Atlantis Paradise contains some of the most creative interiors, intriguing aesthetics and elaborate waterscapes of any hotel in the world...

This creatively designed blockbuster of a resort is not only a hotel destination but also a theme park in its own right. So before you read on, it’s best to put aside any ideas of having a quiet and relaxing holiday. Instead, embrace the cheese, the razzle dazzle and the hyper everything.

It has all the usual mods and cons of any luxury resort, plus a few other casual additions like a 14-acre dolphin habitat, a measly 20 swimming pools, a 141 acre water slide theme park, 3 private white sand beaches and a tiny 45 foot catamaran to take you and your family snorkelling.

The kids education programs are comprehensive too, enabling you to lay back and relax or make use of the 30,000s square foot luxury spa on site. That’s a lot of massage.

In building the resort, more than $800 million was spent to bring to life the myth and legend of the lost city of Atlantis.

As you can imagine the original scope and scale of the project was mind-boggling: to create the world’s largest open-air marine environment of 11 million gallons, home to 50,000 sea creatures representing 200 species; new lagoons and countless waterfalls; a spectacular Mayan Temple Waterslide complex; 6 swimming areas and a $15 million Marina.

For more information and the full specs of this bewildering resort, visit the Atlantis Paradise Island website.

14 Jun 2014
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To Stay - Underwater World

We have all dreamt of staying in one of those amazing bungalows in the Maldives with a glass floor that overlooks the marine bed below. Yes, guilty as charged. But The Manta Resort’s recently opened Underwater Room is something else. A completely different league in fact...

Drifting somewhere in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania, this floating glass cube allows you to take a holiday with all the fabulous creatures of the sea, including the headlining star of the show, the manta ray.

The Underwater Room is completely self-contained and features a fully submerged bedroom and gorgeous hardwood deck above with lounge area. Guests can choose to sleep underwater or under the stars, rocked gently to sleep by the Zanzibar archipelago.

Spotlights placed under each water window light up the room’s immediate surroundings, making it easy to befriend the family of reef fish who have taken up residence around the room, including three particularly nosey bat fish and a trumpet fish called Nick.

Completely isolated and utterly compelling, we think just one night is this room would offer a lifetime of memories.

12 Jun 2014
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To Stay - Gozdne Vile Glamping Huts

The Gozdne Vile Glamping Huts in Bled are the perfect way to escape into the wilderness without giving up all of the luxuries of home. Simple yet stylish, these small wooden huts are the perfect retreat from the busy rush of everyday life...

Gozdne Vile Glamping Huts are situated in a remote campsite not far from the beautiful lake Bled and are surrounded by trees. The huts follow the latest trend in camping - 'Glamping', which combines the simplicity of camping with the glamorous features of a hotel.

The huts are made from organically grown, untreated larch wood and finished off with larch shingles. Each hut includes an outdoor table and chairs so you can relax in the beautiful natural surroundings. They are available all year round and are well insulated and heated. There is even the addition of a firewood fuelled outdoor wooden hot tub to enjoy when the nights get cool.

The huts make a great romantic vacation for a couple but are also a great escape for the whole family, who can rent several huts and enjoy the many outdoor activities available nearby.

So for your next a forest vacation, look no further than Gozdne Vile Glamping Huts.

Kidričeva 10 c
SI-4260 Bled
Ph: +386 4 575 20 00
Fax: +386 4 575 20 02

13 Dec 2013
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To Stay - Timber Houses in Leis

We can think of no better way of ending a day up the mountainside than in one of these charming wood cabins in the picturesque mountain village of Leis in Vals. Designed by award-winning Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, the Zumthor Vacation Homes are perfect for a snowy mountain getaway...

Zumthor describes the cabins as intimate homes in the mountains, places filled with Swiss mountain pine smells, a crackling fire in the living room stove, and the special warmth of wood. The light and airy houses open up on all sides allowing light to gleam gently off the solid timber finishings, filling the rooms with warmth.

Situated 1,526m above sea level, Leis is the highest settlement occupied all year round in the community of Vals. With around 20 inhabitants, there is an inn, and two families that tend the mountain meadows. Winter sports are well accommodated for with a gondola lift, and ski and snowboard school. There are also beautiful winter walking routes with a wonderful panoramic path from Gadastatt via Frunt to Zevreila.

Zumthor Ferienhäuser,
Hohlstrasse 116,
8004 Zürich,

Ph: 0041 78 642 80 09

09 Dec 2013
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To Stay - Clayocuot Wilderness retreat

Inspired by late 19th-century camps, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada is a dreamlike destination that combines a rustic back-to-nature experience with extreme luxury. Without a blow up mattress, sleeping bag or unsightly facility block in sight the Resort is the epitome of wilderness spruced up...

The camp’s 20 white-canvas tents are unlike any tent you’ve stayed in before. They have polished wooden floors, mood lighting, lovely en-suites, wood-burning stoves and spectacular viewing decks looking straight out onto the amazing 100 year old cedar rainforest.

Yummy modern and natural cuisine is served in the cookhouse, an atmospheric log cabin with a vast fireplace and a long bar - perfect for winding down after a day of activities, or a day of doing nothing much at all.

The camp is completely family friendly with plenty of adventure-fuelled activities for you and the kids. Highlights include horseback riding in old growth temperate rainforest, river valley and mountain hikes, abseiling, river and ocean kayaking, black bear viewing, whale watching, deep sea and fresh water fishing, zip line, clay shooting and archery.

But if that all sounds too exhausting, there is a beautiful spa surrounded by rainforest at the mouth of the Bedwell River…custom built for total relaxation. And with two magnificent arrival options, either flying in with the eagles by seaplane, or arriving by boat with the wild salmon the whole visit is guaranteed to be unforgettable, from beginning to end.

The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is open May through September annually offering 3, 4 and 7 night all inclusive adventures. This is definitely one we’d love to check out some time soon.

Located near the village of Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada
Accessible by 45 minute private seaplane transfer from Vancouver or a 30 minute boat ride from Tofino.

07 Oct 2013
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To Stay - The Alice Room

For all the Alice in Wonderland fans out there, and just the young at heart, we recommend Seven Hotel as a lovely place to rest your head when visiting Paris. Completely unlike anywhere you’ve ever stayed before, the ‘Alice’ suite at Seven Hotel is a playful room full of fantastic treasures straight from your childhood wonderland memories...

Inside the suite there is a white rabbit emerging from the wall, a toothy Cheshire cat perched on the sofa, a marvellous wall of clocks, a clawfoot bath tub and an oversized toadstool lounging on the bed. Soft kaleidoscope lighting brings it all to life, making you feel as if you’re peering right down the rabbit hole itself.

Set in the pretty Fifth Arrondissement next to the Latin Quarter in Paris, Seven Hotel is an easy stroll to some of the best Parisian marvels, specialty boutiques and boulangeries.

A stay in Seven Hotel is luxurious yet curious, relaxing yet playful…perfect for those who like new off the wall experiences.

Hotel Seven
20 rue Berthollet
75005 Paris, France
Ph: +33 (0)1 43 31 47 52

25 Sep 2013
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