Stargazing Hotel

Fancy a star-spangled slumber party beneath the dark of the night’s sky? Well, look no further than magical Elqui Domos in the heart of the mythical Elqui Valley, surrounded by the Andes Mountains in central Chile...

The only astronomic hotel in the Southern Hemisphere, the Elqui Domos is a hotel like no other. Comprised of seven timber framed PVC geodesic domes with retractable roofs, a night spent in the Elqui Domos is a night spent in absolute luxury peering up into the grandeur of the one of the world’s most star-filled skies.

When we say luxury, we mean it. These are not dark, spidery, flimsy man-tents. No way. With their two storey floor plans, these things are proper high-rollers in the camping world. Each dome has its own private terrace, a living room and bathroom on the lower floor and a double bed on the upper floor positioning right under the detachable roof.

The inspiration behind this unusual destination hotel was to create a space that would introduce the infinity of the Chilean night sky into people’s hearts, encouraging an intimate connection between guests and the bigger universe.

Everything about the lodging is centred on the energy of the sky. You can enjoy reiki, astronomic tours, day and night horse rides, meditation and tarot sessions. The world, no the universe, is your oyster when you stay in this enchanting place.

Elqui Domos is located 110 km from La Serena city (regional capital, and closest airport LSC) and 580 km from Santiago. More information is available on the Elqui Domos website.

09 Jul 2014