To Stay - Timber Houses in Leis

We can think of no better way of ending a day up the mountainside than in one of these charming wood cabins in the picturesque mountain village of Leis in Vals. Designed by award-winning Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, the Zumthor Vacation Homes are perfect for a snowy mountain getaway...

Zumthor describes the cabins as intimate homes in the mountains, places filled with Swiss mountain pine smells, a crackling fire in the living room stove, and the special warmth of wood. The light and airy houses open up on all sides allowing light to gleam gently off the solid timber finishings, filling the rooms with warmth.

Situated 1,526m above sea level, Leis is the highest settlement occupied all year round in the community of Vals. With around 20 inhabitants, there is an inn, and two families that tend the mountain meadows. Winter sports are well accommodated for with a gondola lift, and ski and snowboard school. There are also beautiful winter walking routes with a wonderful panoramic path from Gadastatt via Frunt to Zevreila.

Zumthor Ferienhäuser,
Hohlstrasse 116,
8004 Zürich,

Ph: 0041 78 642 80 09

09 Dec 2013