To Stay - Underwater World

We have all dreamt of staying in one of those amazing bungalows in the Maldives with a glass floor that overlooks the marine bed below. Yes, guilty as charged. But The Manta Resort’s recently opened Underwater Room is something else. A completely different league in fact...

Drifting somewhere in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania, this floating glass cube allows you to take a holiday with all the fabulous creatures of the sea, including the headlining star of the show, the manta ray.

The Underwater Room is completely self-contained and features a fully submerged bedroom and gorgeous hardwood deck above with lounge area. Guests can choose to sleep underwater or under the stars, rocked gently to sleep by the Zanzibar archipelago.

Spotlights placed under each water window light up the room’s immediate surroundings, making it easy to befriend the family of reef fish who have taken up residence around the room, including three particularly nosey bat fish and a trumpet fish called Nick.

Completely isolated and utterly compelling, we think just one night is this room would offer a lifetime of memories.

12 Jun 2014