Touch the Sky

Nestled into the hillside on Mount Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak, LEAPrus 3912 is an eco-hotel like no other. The breathtaking alpine retreat sits at a 4,000 metres above sea level in the side of a dormant volcano in Russia. A rather unique address that’s for sure...

The stunning complex was designed by LEAPfactory, a team of Italian architects who specialise in designing accommodation for extreme environments. Completely self-efficient, whilst also boasting elegant interiors and incredible panoramic views, we think they’ve struck an amazing balance between function and splendour with this clever design.

The hotel has intelligent modular system made up of three pre-fabricated tubes, which provide protection against the harsh elements. Sleeping 49 people, this stratospheric hotel is typically inhabited by mountain climbers and extreme adventurers.

However the hotel’s creators are convinced of the region’s potential to be Russia’s next tourism hot spot ''...the vastness of the unique natural landscapes and the ancient troubled history of its peoples are the centrepiece of a great experience.'' Hmm we don’t doubt that theory, but think we might keep our feet firmly planted on the ground for now. But beautiful nonetheless.

Mount Elbrus
Caucasus, Russia
OJSC North Caucasus Development Corporation
Ph: (87934) 4-28-30, (87934) 2-18-17

13 Aug 2014