To Stay - Tree Hotel

If you want to be at one with nature, but still like all the bells and whistles of 5-star accommodation, we recommend you check out the absolutely incredible Treehouse Hotel in Sweden. It will probably render you as speechless as it did us...

Nestled amongst the breathtaking forest area overlooking the Lule River, a total of 8-10 rooms have been planned for the hotel…including a tree sauna floating in century-old pines.

Currently there are five tree rooms completed, each designed and built by some of Scandanavia’s best architects. We don't think we’ve seen a better example of modern architecture fitting in with its natural surroundings.

Suspended 4-6 metres above the ground, each room is also completely unique – not only to one another, but probably also anything else you have seen. This not only goes for the exterior architecture but also the furniture, lighting and fabrics inside which are custom designed to fit with the surroundings too.

Rooms vary in size between 15-30 m², with the largest being big enough for 4 people. Perfectly snug for a little family.

The design and construction of the hotel along with its daily operations aim to have minimal impact on the environment. Each room has a modern, eco-friendly combustion toilet and water-efficient sink. This thoughtfully designed hotel is definitely on our wish list of places to visit.

Treehotel is located in the boreal forest approximately an hour by car from Luleå (Kallax) airport. Click here for options on how to get there.
Ph: +46 (0)928-104 03

27 Aug 2013
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To Stay - Hotel Fox Copenhagen

Set in urban Copenhagen, the home of underground music and art, Hotel Fox is a reflection of the street and vice versa. It was created by 21 international artists who decorated the hotel just the way they wanted. In just a few short months, these young artists turned the traditional Copenhagen hotel into an artistic mecca. Each room tells it’s unique story and drags you into the artist’s universe. With 61 uniquely decorated rooms, you will definitely have 60 good reasons to return after your first visit.

Two of our favourite rooms, both designed by Rinzen, are the The Dryads room, as pictured above and the Sleep Seasons room, as featured in the first set of images.
Walking into the Dryads room is like walking into the depths of the forest amid a bed of leaves. Whilst the Sleep Seasons room gives an otherworldly outdoor camping experience, where guests sleep inside a tent surrounded in hand-painted walls, custom designed carpets, and appliquéd bedspread and curtains.

You can check out a selection of the other Hotel Fox rooms on their website.

01 May 2013
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