The Colour of Crystals

1. XO Polka Dot Sunglasses from Sons + Daughters. 2. Diamond Clips from Hello Shiso. 3. Pink Feather Fascinator from Seed Heritage. 4. Clever Ghost T-shirt from Bobo Choses. 5. Oscar Gem Sweatshirt from Oh My Kids. 6. Annix Skirt from Finger in the Nose. 7. Brooklyn Necklace from Titlee. 8. Hena Socks from Dore Dore. 9. Scilla Sandals from Miller. 10. Milly Bracelet from Cotton On Kids. 11. Siaska Bracelet from Louise Misha. 12. Star Sequin Wand from Seed Heritage. 13. Diamond Bag from Nobodinoz.

13 Jun 2015