Rainbow Brights

1. Give them a crown of colour with this Bellerose floral headband. 2. Beautiful Bang Bang CPH coloured collar dress. 3. Ride the rainbow on this bantam yellow cruiser board from Globe. 4. Keep it in colour with this Lazy Oaf Kaleidoscope tote. 5. Add a touch of yellow with these Zara strappy sandals. 6. A colourful companion with Baraqada rainbow cat.

07 May 2013

Head in the Clouds

1. Find the perfect nap companion with this happy cloud pillow from Zu Shop. 2. Keep them soft and snug in this Kids on the Moon Cloud t-shirt. 3. They can wear a little bit of sky around their necks with this cloud necklace from Emmanuelle Biennassis. 4. The perfect backpack for any outing from Bobo Choses. 5. J.Crew silver glitter shoes will light the way. 6. Everyday denim jeans from H&M.

22 Apr 2013
bobo choses