Style Maker - Goat-Milk

New York based Goat-Milk brings together the perfect mix of classic shapes and functionality. Inspired by a desire to dress their own children in beautifully crafted, simple clothes, Goat-Milk creators Tania and Roland aim to keep their designs simple and classic. With a commitment to fair trade and the environment, all of their beautiful clothes are made of 100% organic, pre-washed cotton making them a line of basics that you will go back to year after year...

After working in advertising together for over 17 years, Tania and Roland were given an opportunity to collaborate on a small line of children's wear that was produced in Spain. Although this fell through they were so excited about creating something for themselves that in 2008 they decided to do it on their own. From their launch Goat-Milk has gone from strength to strength, becoming the perfect go to for beautifully crafted basics. They will also be opening their first retail store this December in East Village, which is very exciting news for New Yorkers!

We asked Tania a few questions about Goat-Milk and what inspires them...
What inspired you to start Goat-Milk?
Roland would travel for photo shoots and I would always ask him to bring back underwear for my son. The quality and styles in Europe were always so much better than what was offered here in the states. When the opportunity came along to collaborate on the Spanish line, we knew there was a market in the US for this sort of thing.

What do you love most about designing clothing for Children?
Children get very attached to things and I like the idea of creating something that they can continue to wear as they grow. Adults are more into disposable fashion or trends.

You base your designs around green sensibilities, what does this bring to your brand?
It’s a life-style, an attitude. We try to keep it as minimal as possible (no hang tags or unnecessary packaging). Sturdy construction so it lasts longer (no throw away clothes here).

What was your most exciting adventure as a kid?
We spent two weeks camping in the Algarve (Portugal). It was the first time our family did anything like that, so it was very out of the ordinary, to sleep in a tent and cook over a fire and spend everyday at the beach. It would be great to do that again one day with my own kids.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I don’t remember having any job aspirations as a kid. I remember once saying that I wanted to be an astronaut, but not sure where that came from.
If Goat-Milk were to make their ultimate milkshake what flavor would it be?
Hmmmm, something classic. Strawberry Banana.

31 Aug 2013