Style Maker - Kids On The Moon

Kids on the Moon is a dreamlike collection of children's clothing that takes inspiration from the unlimited imagination of childhood. 

The idea behind the brand comes from walking on rooftops and watching the stars, from space and dreaming and fantasy. Their motto is 'no gravity' as just like space or a child's imagination, they see no limit to creativity...

Based in Żoliborz, one of the most interesting and beautiful parts of Warsaw

, Poland, Kids on the Moon is a collection of comfortable and original styles using all natural colours. The brand is about lightness manifested in a beautiful, well designed manner.
 Kids on the Moon is where fantasy meets good design 
and quality and is not driven by fads or hype.

Founder and designer Magda Rams enjoyed a career in the fashion industry before having children and being inspired to start Kids on the Moon. She said that one of her most treasured objects, her great-grandmothers sewing machine, was also a big inspiration. Ever since she can remember she was always trying to sew something on it and sees it as one of the key things that lead her to starting Kids on the Moon.

We asked Magda a few questions about what inspires her:
What do you love most about designing childrenswear?

Designing childrenswear poses no limits to imagination and gives countless opportunities. It allows - what we call - a 'no gravity' approach in designing - you only need an open mind and see beyond reality.
 We make up stories and build around them. Our inspirations come from a kids' world - designing for kids is a little bit like playing. It's a lot of fun!

What inspires you? 
One minute it can be space and then something completely different a moment later - but there is always a mystery, a pinch of obscurity. I like things that are not obvious…
 Art inspires me endlessly - I would love to work with artists and illustrators and introduce art and good quality design to a kids' world.

Kids on the Moon's collaboration with Agata Endo Nowicka, Poland's leading illustrator and comics artist on Moonmoth project (pictured below) is a great example and a great start. I look forward to more projects of this kind.

Prints play an important part in your collections, what do you think they add to the overall feel of the brand?

As a designer I enjoy drawing. 
Drawing is also important in kids' lives. Prints add interesting elements to a collection, add character and make up themes around which we create the narrative. 
Our prints are never childish or bright - they add a noble, elegant touch. They create a link between fashion and the kids' world.

What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?

This is easy - I've always loved making little clothes.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Creating beautiful things has always been my ambition. I wanted to draw, stitch, sew, twist and crunch textiles, construct and design. I made my dreams come true.

If Kids on the Moon were to design the ultimate balloon animal what would it look like?
Definitely a moon jelly - an amazing moon creature living in the depth of the sea - just like in the world with no gravity.

24 Oct 2013