Style Maker - Noé & Zoë

We have long been fans of Noé & Zoë, and once you check out their beautifully designed collections I'm sure you'll see why. Founded in Berlin, the brand is inspired and designed with a sense of freedom, making each piece unique. Filled with wearable, fun pieces their collections are a testament to kids and what they love to wear...

When Nici and Nadine, the creators of Noé & Zoë, met on a film set in the South of France they quickly became firm friends. Then a few years later while working together on a German TV series they both fell pregnant at the same time. Once their children were born, they both took a break from costume design and started sewing baby toys and accessories. From there they decided that they wanted to create something together, and when Noé (Nadine's son) and Zoë (Nici's daughter) were born in 2007, again one month apart the idea of starting a kids brand began.

In 2011 they launched the first Noé & Zoë children's clothing collection at Playtime Paris. Filled with classic patterns, unique prints, and simple shapes the collection was extremely well received and marked the beginning of a very exciting journey for Nici and Nadine. "It has been amazing to share motherhood as friends and to have found a kind of creative soul sister in each other as we both feel this kind of relationship is very rare and doesn't happen very often in one lifetime!".

Finding inspiration in their costume and film backgrounds, their collections have an element of dress up and the theatrics, making all of their creations a fun escape from everyday life. "We enjoy designing together as we are always on the same wavelength and have very similar ideas and always agree on any decisions that need to be taken." And it is together that they have created Noé & Zoë, an entire universe dedicated to children and their endless imaginations.

We asked Nici and Nadine a few questions about love, life and what inspires them...
What do you love most about designing kids wear?
The freedom we have to design anything we like. We have never followed any trends and are sometimes very out of touch with what the various trends are - we have always designed very instinctively - I think that is the only way to design - from the belly!

We are lucky enough to have the biggest inspiration at home with our own kids! Most of our ideas start at home - pieces our kids are missing or we would like to offer them such as our capes or our crowns... Our ideas are endless and we always find ourselves trying to limit the amount of pieces we include in any one collection!

What inspires you?
Our children... Berlin, our every day lives, traveling, books, films, nature, patterns we find everywhere, colours, graphics, vintage prints, old objects, nice spaces. Our children... once again!!

If you were a kid in Berlin where is the first place you'd go?
For an ice cream at Hockey Pockey! and then for some fun on one these playgrounds: Oderberger street , Weinsberg Park or Marienburger street. Also the technical museum is amazing. To finish the day have a pizza at 'il due forni' on schönhauser allee!

If Noé & Zoë were to come up with three new candy flavours what would they be?
Sweet stars that make you feel brave or Blue candies sprinkled with gold dust that could make you do magic... real magic!

What do you miss most about being a kid?
The ability to live the moment 100% ! I admire this in my children. They are rarely thinking about the next step.

If Noé & Zoë were to create a bicycle what would it look like?