Stylemaker - Gardner and the Gang

After traveling the world and living in many exotic locations, Swedish born Kristin Nystrom, eventually set up camp and called Singapore home. Her travels inspired her to become a maker, and she now spends her days making some of the raddest children's clothes we have ever laid eyes on. Her brand Gardner and the Gang mixes serious attitude with serious cuteness and we just love it...

We caught up with Kristin to find out more about her amazing brand...
What is your background?
I used to be a flight attendant on a private jet a loong time ago. Travel and cultures has always intrigued me. I spent years in different Middle eastern countries. When that period of my life was over I lived in Pakistan for a year (CONTRASTING). I really have so much to thank for my travels and appreciate all the different people that I have met.

When we arrived in Singapore nearly 8 years ago I decided to study and got my long overdue degree in Visual Communications. After that I set up my business, Mrs K, that did various Graphic Design jobs. When I had my first daughter I realised it was time to create something that I was totally in charge of, and having a child inspired me to get into the business of kids fashion.

I have always had a huge passion and interest for fashion so it seemed like the perfect fit to start a brand for kids where I implemented my silly illustrations. I LOVE my job and getting to be creative everyday. I am so thankful for all the experiences the traveling has given me but really feel now is where I have found what I really always wanted to do.

I feel like the fact that I have traveled so much and lived in many different countries helps in the creative process but also in meeting people, sourcing suppliers and in customer service. Gardner and the gang has not only given me the best job in the world for me but has also brought me great new friends and relationships.

What inspired you to start Gardner and the Gang?
My daughter and the fact that I felt I could contribute to the business.
What do you love most about designing for kids?
The positive vibes. I feel like I meet smiley faces everywhere.

What inspires your designs?
It can be anything really, but I like to think that I take inspiration from previous experiences, places I have been to, people that I have met and would also love it if the designs and little stories that are behind the designs gives a meaning to someone.

Where are your favourtie places to shop for kids in Singapore?
I really like Small and Cuckoo, two fairly new shops that have fashion and interior.
What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?
Horse riding!! I am a country girl at heart and lived on a horseback pretty much.

You worked with the amazing @curated_by and @pics_missmaya on your latest range shoot, how did this come about?
"Meeting" virtually on Instagram with Renata aka. @curated_by and Maya @pics_missmaya has been such a success. We are three individuals that really work super great together and I feel they always do such an amazing job conveying my vision.

If Gardner and the Gang were to make the ultimate milkshake, what flavour would it be?
It would be a salty popcorn and chocolate milkshake!