Stylemaker - Kapow Kids

She humbly claims she has no clue what she is doing, but we think she has got it all sorted out. And then some! KaPow Kids is a unique Australian label for babies and toddlers who want to stand out from the crowd...

We caught up with the talented Andrea to find out what inspires her...
What is your background?
I come from an architectural and interiors background. I studied architecture at Melbourne Uni for 6 years and have worked in the industry for 7 years. Sometimes I feel like I have no clue about what Im doing because I have no background in fashion, but I'm learning as I go.

What inspired you to start Kapow Kids?
After having my son, Flynn, I returned to work part time as an architect in a big, busy firm in the city. I realised that my love for architecture was completely gone. Also the stress of working in a big office and being a mum was a bit of a struggle. So I started making kids appliqué t-shirts by hand stitching them, because I didn’t know how to sew.

Eventually I taught myself to sew and started making more things, like headbands and leggings, all from home. Sales grew exponentially and I knew I couldn’t work both jobs anymore, so I quit architecture. It was a pretty scary step but I’m so glad I did it. Kids clothing makes me so happy. I just love my job and am very passionate about creating things.

What do you love most about designing for kids?
I love everything about designing kids clothing, it is so much fun. It doesn’t even feel like work! I feel because I didn’t study fashion, my design process is very free and unstructured. I love that I can do some really fun prints because babies and toddlers can get away with anything. I feel like through starting KaPow Kids I am bringing all my passions together: kids, design and clothing. And I’ve always dreamt of owning a shop. I'm living the dream.

What inspires your designs?
I think all things fun and bright inspire the clothing that I make. Animals, geometric prints and monochrome are a definite favourite. Illustrator, Andrea Lauren, who we have collaborated with for some of our new fabrics is a definite inspiration as well. Her prints and patterns just blow me away, her talent is just amazing. I use pinterest and instagram for inspiration too.

Where are your favourtie places to shop for kids in Melbourne?
Im lucky to live in Carlton North so I am surrounded by cool kids shops. My three favourite kids shops that I frequently hit up are: Tree Top Shop in Brunswick, Moppit and More in Clifton Hill and Hoochie Koochie in Fitzroy North.

They have all my favourite kids labels and I can always find something unique and quirky. And two of them stock KaPow Kids which is dangerous for my bank account as whenever I drop off stock to them I end up nearly buying everything in the store.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A Cartoonist or illustrator because I just loved to draw.
If Kapow Kids was a superhero what would you look like?

All campaign images are courtesy of Fi Mims Photography.

31 Oct 2014