Stylemaker - Lacey lane

Gorgeous children's brand Lacey Lane is a nod back to days of old, to beautifully fitted pieces, bloomers, frills and dainty little collars. In these sweet designs your little lady will look as cute as she is comfortable...

Lacey Lane is the brainchild of sister duo Nikki and Bek who, after failing to find the styles they imagined their little girls wearing, decided to launch their own brand. Now with a cult following, this brand has gone from strength to strength and today we talk to the pair about what makes Lacey Lane so successful...

What inspired you to start Lacey Lane?
Our babies and our love for getting creative. When our girls were little, we loved vintage-inspired designs and clothes. We had a vision of the way we wanted to dress our girls but couldn't find anything like it, so we decided to make it ourselves and then grew our business from there.

What do you love most about designing for kids?
I love that I'm lucky enough to base my work life around my kids. Plus I love the exciting moment when we launch a killer collection and see the positive response from our Lacey Lane tribe. Oh and spotting #laceylaners in the wild (as we call it).

What inspires your designs?
We definitely draw inspiration from vintage clothing and patterns. We love peter pan collars and high waisted suspenders and love our outfits short and perfectly fitted.

Where are some of your favourite kids brands?
Ummm can we say Lacey Lane? Haha I'm a lazy shopper and prefer to shop online. On the rare occassion Quinn & Fox, Bobo Choses.

What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?
Run under the sprinkler in summer or playing slip & slide with the hose on the trampoline.

If Lacy lane were to create the ultimate milkshake, what flavour would it be?
You can't go past a good ol' fashion banana smoothie!

02 Apr 2015