Stylemaker - Printebebe

We just love the flowery, whimsical designs from Sydney based children's label Printebebe. Filled with a staple of comfortable styles brought to life in an ever changing array of gorgeous floral and muted fabrics, Printebebe clothes are as easy to wear as they are lovely to look at...

Clever Printebebe founder Fiona Kowalski manages to combine motherhood with her job as a freelance stylist as well as growing the Printebebe brand from home. Her gorgeous designs are super easy to wear and can be mixed and matched so dressing your little one is fuss free.

We asked Fiona a few questions about why she started Printebebe:
What inspired you to start Printebebe?
My daughter always. Once I started dressing my daughter, there was always something I wanted to dress her in that I couldn't find, so I started designing those pieces. Printebebe is very functional as well as pretty because this is what I was looking for in children's clothing.

What is your background?
Previously to starting, I have worked as a fashion editor for Vogue Australia and Fashion Director at Madison, before that at the very beginning of my career I worked as sport and swim designer, so it felt like an easy transition to go back to designing. I love styling and forecasting women's fashion, which I still do, but it was the interest in my daughter and creating ease and prettiness in her clothes that drew me to starting my own label.

I loved the french sensibility of dressing but found the french clothes very fiddly to wear (maybe it's our big Australian hands and those tiny buttons!). I love to think that Printebebe has a French style with an Australian ease.

What do you love most about designing children's clothes?
I think of children's clothing in the same way as I think about my own wardrobe, once you find something that fits well, you want it in multiple. I have always been a multiple buyer, 8 pairs of the same pants, same of my favourite tee. That's why at Printebebe we keep the styles simple and run them in many prints. I am also very passionate about children's comfort in what they wear… play, eat, sleep in the one outfit.

Beautiful fabrics are one of the hallmarks of your designs, where do find inspiration for these?
I have a very clear vision of how I wanted Printebebe to look, pretty clothes for girls that were beautiful, easy, fuss free and had them dressed as children, not mini adults.

I love that you can mix and match the prints, and most importantly… a print disguises so many accidents. I like the idea that your child can wear one outfit from morning until bedtime… and not tell too many tales!

If you were in a kid Sydney, where is the first place you would go?
Kid or adult, I am in love with Bondi Beach, in particular my daughter and I love Iceberg in the summer, as well as North Bondi (across the road). I dreamed of a beach life as an adult, I am not sure if my daughter will ever appreciate it as much as I do, but I think summer or winter it's wonderful to be near the ocean.

What was your favourite thing to wear when you were a child?
The first thing I ever remember desperately wanting was a pair of pale lilac 70's flairs from the boys department (you have to realise I was a kid of the 70's). I was also gutted when I wasn't allowed to play football (only for boys). Maybe this was the beginning of a backlash that ended with a magazine career which is quite a fabulous girls club if ever there was.

If Printebebe was to create the perfect floral crown, what type of flowers would you choose and what would it look like?
In summer we often make a frangipani threaded crown, they drop in our back garden and it's a shame to leave them on the ground. The smell is too divine, I always loved things that work double duty ie: a pretty crown and a beautiful smell.

You can view the full range of gorgeous Printebebe designs over on the website. Fiona has also recently launched Printebebemama, a one style, one size, easy to wear dress called 'The Big Easy" which has the same philosophy as her children's clothing - easy to wear throw on, in prints that disguise a multitude of messes.

Lovely shot of Fiona & Gidget courtesy of INEZ Daily/Justin Ridler.