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A Tropical Tangle

If cacti could grow under the sea, then this friends, is what it would look like. A vibrant spectacle for the eyes that words cannot describe. Woking Girl Designs is a creative design studio based in Brooklyn who specialise in hand-painted and computer-generated designs. We’ve just discovered them and are presently hyperventilating over the bold colours and distinctive prints showcased throughout their entire range. You can download this stunning piece that they created for Design Sponge to brighten up your desktop.

20 Feb 2015 art and designneon jungle [comment_count]
Art and Design

Here Comes the Night

Earlier this year at the Pace Gallery in New York, there was a very special exhibition that we wish dearly we could have seen. ‘Tara Donovan: untitled’ showcased a series of large scale installations that were both beautiful and thought provoking to explore...

01 Dec 2014 art and designnight-time [comment_count]