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A Seaworthy Gentleman

These awesome Sailor and Bearded prints are by Spanish designer Verónica de Arriba for her brand Depeapa. From her home in Grenada, Verónica creates her range of Illustrations, tote bags, backpacks, tshirts, necklaces, brooches, tea towels, trays and even pocket mirrors. We recommend popping along to her Etsy store to check out her gorgeous range of wares.

18 Jan 2014 art and designseaside [comment_count]
Art and Design

Wander Away

Hang a pair of these beautiful prints from Katie Daisy in your room and you are sure to rise with a magical case of wanderlust every morning. Miss Daisy’s honey-laced hand lettering and spring-scented illustrations are fresh, vibrant and truly express her passion for uplifting art...

13 Jan 2014 seasideart and designprints [comment_count]
Art and Design

Creative Showcase - So Awesome

So Awesome creates beautifully designed educational card sets for kids. Filled with colour and imagination the cards are also nontoxic and extremely durable making them the perfect asset to keep tiny hands busy. When Marie-Claire, the founder of So Awesome noticed her twin boys, Owen & Silas loved playing with cards from her wallet she realised there was a gap in the market for something like So Awesome...

01 Dec 2013 creative showcaseart and design [comment_count]

Block Family

There are tall ones, short ones; skinny ones, round ones. There’s funny ones and then there’s cranky ones. Ones with big noses, ones with small hands. Yes we people of the universe are all different. No two people exactly the same. And that’s precisely what we love about these People Blocks from Andy Rementer...

29 Nov 2013 geometrictoysart and design [comment_count]