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Jeff Koons Balloons

Twisters, Balloon Benders and Inflatable Artists would be in awe of this particular installation from Jeff Koons. Towering between 9 and 12 feet tall these five balloon animal sculptures are produced in colourful stainless steel with a mirror finish surface. Bright, engaging and larger than life, the work of Koons rarely disappoints...

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Products we love

Light Me Up

Talk about having a light bulb moment, designer Boris Klimek has totally smashed it with these balloon inspired down lights. Perfect for a kid’s room or nursery, the lights are available in three sizes and can be used as either ceiling or wall lights. Turn them on and off using the hanging cord, how fun! Available to purchase here.

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Air Heads

Liven up your next bash with a crowd of friendly balloon animals. London designer Hector Serrano has created a nifty set of paper accessories that makes it easy-peasy to turn a boring old balloon into a fantastic rhinoceros, koala, chicken, pig, bear or tiger...

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Homeware Spreads

A Place To Float Away

1. Balloon Pouf from Serendipity. 2. Dot handles by Anne Black. 3. Balloon print by Party In The Mountains. 4. Bilumin Balloon light from Dutch Details. 5. Alarm clock from Serendipity. 6. Yellow velour cushion by Lilly & Lolly. 7. Balloon animal cushion from Anais and I. 8. Love & Shapes Garland from Lilly & Lolly. 9. Quilt and pillowcase set from Kip & Co. 10. Teal stool from Malmo. 11. Circle felt rug also from Lilly & Lolly. 12. Yellow bed from Mae.

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Floating cake

These mini-balloon cake toppers are outright adorable and are certain to wow the crowd at your next soirée. Find out how to make them here…it’s much easier than you think.

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