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Woodland Gift ideas

From twigs and pom pom's to arrows and eyes, we have put together a collection of our favourite woodland gift ideas...
1. Pompom hat from Belle Enfant. 2. Little bear print from Little Pop Studios. 3. Mormor pillow from Natti Natti. 4. Bear egg cups from ohh deer. 5. Python leather Pina booties from Donsje. 6. Merino Cashmere pompom scarf from Belle Enfant. 7. Travel buddy from Mana’o Nani. 8. Road trip banner from Papermint Studio. 9. Baby trousers from Bobo Choses. 10. Twigs duvet set from Natti Natti. 11. Sleepy eye storage bag from Tell Kiddo.

27 Aug 2015 woodlandgift guidehomewaresstylebears [comment_count]
Products we love

Bare Chair

Imagine dining with a family of fanciful rabbits and bears. The conversation would flow and the jokes would be the beast you’ve ever heard. Dining with a set of these adorable bear-eared plywood chairs from Oeuf would be an experience not to forget...

08 Mar 2015 chairsbears [comment_count]
Toys & Baby Toys

Travel Buddies

Whether you’re driving to the next suburb over, or flying high above the Atlanic, nothing beats traveling with a friend. So true is the fact, that when we discovered these special little fellows called Travel Buddies, we wanted to wind back the clock and begin our adventures all over again...

06 Mar 2015 toysbears [comment_count]

Be a Vegetarian

We love chowing down on a big bowl of veggies, and we love it when our children do too. This cute little animation created by Glossy Rey might help with our promotional plight as it features a cast of loony animals on a mission to become vegetarians. Bon appetite!

03 Mar 2015 moviebears [comment_count]