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A Not So Scary Read

The perfect way to introduce your toddler to the world of classic literature, BabyLit books condense well known tales into fun and beautifully illustrated stories your little one will love. Dracula and Frankenstein are two perfect examples that introduce your child to these two famous characters without the scary bits! We highly recommend checking out their whole collection.

01 Nov 2014 bookshalloween [comment_count]

'A Forest' By Marc Martin

This gorgeous book by Australian illustrator Marc Martin, tells the story of a forest and what happens when people become greedy and take more than they should. Yet despite this, the book is still filled with hope, pinned on just one little tree...

07 Aug 2014 bookstrees [comment_count]

Logical Colour

How many children’s books do you get to the end of and want to turn straight back to the beginning? It might be a nightly occurrence for your children, but what about you? Amsterdam based graphic designer Rop van Mierlo manages to achieve that child-like eagerness within big folk too with his colourful books...

26 Jun 2014 colourbooks [comment_count]