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Get running with Bugaboo!

Just you, the open road and a quiet and calm little bubba. There is no denying a run is good for us all. It clears the mind, gets the juices flowing and gives bub a healthy dose of fresh air. We find the difficult part is finding the time to slip out and partake in what seems like such a luxury during our hectic toddler-chasing days. But if you have the right equipment, it makes it so much easier because you bring your little one along with you…the perfect cheer squad!

22 Jun 2015 bugaboopram [comment_count]
Little Baby


The third instalment in our Bugaboo Buffalo inspired style spreads will reprogram your view of pram accessories! Enjoy... 1. Aviatrix Red Baby Hat by Knitrx. 2. Emile mittens from Mamy Factory. 3. Black leather baby shoes from Mini Toes. 4. Greay lambswool baby blanket by Anne-Claire Petit. 5. Knitted robot by Natty Knits. 6. Bugaboo Buffalo with black base and breezy sun canopy. 7. Eco robot lunch bag from A Little Lark. 8. Robot baby bib by B.O.T. 9. Silver rattle from Christening Silver. 10. Safe Sippy2 Bottle by Kid Basix. 11. Limited edition silver nappy bag by Melobaby.

07 Nov 2013 stylebugaboorobots [comment_count]