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DIY Beetle Box

These fun party favors are perfect for little explorers who love beetles, bugs and creep-crawlies. Pack them with sweet treats and when they all disappear the cute boxes make the perfect home for a new ladybird friend. Get the free downloadable printable from our friends at Mr Printables.

17 Oct 2014 bugs & butterfliesprintablescraftsparties [comment_count]
Art and Design

Bee Happy

It’s rather amazing that without the wee little bee humbly beavering away, our entire existence could come crashing to a halt. In this series of beautiful hand-drawn prints by London-based illustrator Amyisla, we are all encouraged to plant more flowers in an effort to keep the world’s bees a buzzing...

08 Oct 2014 bugs & butterfliesprintsart and design [comment_count]