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Home is where the Camper is

If you can’t get away for a proper road trip why not bring the camp site to you? These DIY mini caravans are beyond adorable and are super effective at bubbling up those summery feelings of hot nights, eating watermelon and attacking each other with the hose. We can almost hear the cicadas singing...


Even S'more

Just when you thought a S’more couldn't get any yummier, some genius comes along and combines them with ice cream to create the ultimate, holy grail of summer treats. Yep, wait for it. It’s a S'more Milkshake! Go on, try and resist grabbing the recipe from Spoonful of Flavor.



There’s only one thing more comforting than a warm open campfire, and that’s a warm open campfire chocolate cake. This has to be one of the tastiest pieces of timber you will ever eat and would make the perfect birthday cake for the little camper in your family. Click through to grab the full recipe from the clever folk at Spoonful.