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Art and Design

Spots & Stripes

This lovely collection of prints are by Marie Willumsen, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has also worked with different brands such as BangBang Copenhagen for the graphics on their latest sneak peek. Head along to her blog to check more of her great work.

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Style spreads

Little Show Stopper

1. We love this Tutu Du Monde Centre Stage Onesie, perfect for putting on a show. 2. Astral Crown from Giant Dwarf. 3. Easy Peasy Pouch from Trousse Etoile. 4. Golden Slippers from Chickpea. Shimmer for tiny feet. 5. Find an amazing side-kick with this gorgeous chihuahua dressed for show, from abc home. 6. Handmade Tiger on a cord from Wovenplay. 7. Hours of fun with this very cool RH baby&child carriage pedal car.

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Layers of Pink

This beautiful cake by Call Me Cupcake is a delight for both the tastebuds and the eyes. Covered in a deliciously light swiss meringue frosting, and with pink shaded vanilla cake hiding underneath, this cake is the perfect little afternoon surprise...

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Art and Design

Paper Carnival

We are in love with this range of prints from Seventy Tree, created by London based illustrator Kerry Layton. Combining traditional pen and pencil drawings with computer illustration, Layton then produces prints, postcards, and homewares. Her love for geometrics, cheerful characters, and colour have seen her works travel far and wide all over the world.

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Homeware Spreads

An Acrobats Abode

1. Write their name in stars with these beautiful letter from Edies Lab. 2. Star wall stickers from Ferm Living. 3. Lovely little chihuahua fairy from abc home, the perfect room companion for putting on a show. 4. Marie Willumsen little clown print. 5. Metal coloured stars from Les Petits Bohemes. 6. Gorgeous antique child's chair also from Les Petits Bohemes. 7. Add a touch of magic with these globes from abc home. 8. Also from abc home is this beautiful acrobat mouse. 9. Tate toddler bed from RH baby&child. 10. Make your own drum pouf with this great DIY tutorial from ariadne at Home. 11. Brass Drum from Serendipity. 12. Pink Poodle from karmakiss. 13. Bobby blanket luckyboysunday. 14. Add some sparkle with these Serendipity sequin baskets.

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Style spreads

Strong Man Small

1. Lightly knitted Panther sweater from Mini Rodini. Perfect for any mini strong man. 2. Red scarf from Vent contraire. 3. Striped Pocket T-shirt from Finger in the nose. 4. Hand knitted giant Moustache from Oeuf. 5. We are in love with these Jean Paul Gaultier Bébé Guacho Pants. Brace yourself. 6. Vans Sneakers. 7. Cosy feet with these Dark Grey socks from Little Fashion Gallery. 8. Find the perfect carnival companion with this great Tattooed Man from Mimi Kirchner.

27 Jun 2013 carnivalstylemini rodini [comment_count]

Blue Moon

Inspired by the commedia dell'arte characters Pierrot and the Harlequin encountering a bewildering blue moon, these beautiful editorial shots were captured for Papier Mache Magazine. Entitled 'Moon', the images were photographed by the incredibly clever Nick and Chloé, the same duo behind Birds of Colour, a beautiful collection of photos we shared a few weeks ago. The hero image of 'Moon' won a well deserved American Photography Award earlier this year.

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Style spreads

To Tame a Tiger

1. Armadillo printed scarf from Little Remix. 2. Gemstone necklace from Littl By Lilit. 3. Keep them tame with this super cute Mini Rodini Tiger Tee. 4. Lovely Lola Overalls by Ketiketa. 5. Patch them up with this very cool Embroidered Tiger Patch from Mini Rodini. 6. Leopard Ring from Tatty Devine. 7. Beautiful sequin star ribbon band from atsuyo et akiko that can be worn in many ways. 8. Great Mask Bag also from atsuyo et akiko. 9. Add a little shine to small feet with these lovely caramel baby & child Orange Metal Sandals.

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