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Creative Showcase - Cat-Rabbit

We've been in love with the incredible Cat-Rabbit since forever. The wonderful characters that fill her world are everything you could dream of in the perfect side-kick, turtles with backpacks, nerdy rabbits with glasses and librarian bears dressed in waistcoats. The detail and love put into every one of Cat-Rabbits toys is evident right down to the lacing on the sneakers...

21 Jul 2013 creative showcasetoyscat rabbit [comment_count]
To see and do

Ai-Ai Gasa - Exhibition

Ai-Ai Gasa, meaning 'to share an umbrella', is a joint exhibition between two amazing artists, Cat Rabbit & The Seven Seas. So inspired by a joint trip to Tokyo in the Winter of 2012, that they came home and created an abundance of beautiful works. Made up of collaborative and individual mixed media pieces, the exhibition features embroidered pictures, alpaca dolls, installations and drawings that reflect their two week stint in an amazing city. This must-see exhibition kicks off at No-Vacancy Gallery from 6pm tonight, and runs from the 10 - 19 May.

09 May 2013 cat rabbitSeven Seasexhibitions [comment_count]