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Products we love

Gift Ideas for Boys - Under $50

1. Cardboard Fortified Castle from Paperpod. 2. Branchwood raft from Play To Learn. 3. Back to black garland by Felt Foxes. 4. Nesting dolls from Wee Gallery. 5. Black crown from Oeuf. 6. Wooden car from Play To Learn. 7. Children's beach set from Paper Plane Store. 8. My first smart phone from I-woody. 9. Nighttime pillow case from Pop Factory Shop. 10. Masked cat print by Bird In A Bunny Suit. 11. Red guitar from Vilac. 12. Wolf tie from Oeuf. 13. Giant mustache also from Oeuf. 14. Ernest bear Saving bank by Egmont. 15. Guthrie the robot from Cubebot.

Art and Design

B+W Xmas

Good ole’ Black and White don't get much of a run at Christmas time. It’s all about Mr Red and Green and their friends Gold and Silver. But we don't like to shun our favourite pair and that’s why we love these beautiful B+W Christmas cards from Haus Press. Available to purchase here.

Products we love

Gift Ideas for Girls - Under $50

1. Koala backpack from Paper Plane Store. 2. Alarm clock by Areaware. 3. Animals peg from All Lovely Stuff. 4. Chalkboard nesting dolls by OMM Design. 5. Blackboard cloud wall stickers from Good Regards. 6. Bambi toy by Danish Zoo. 7. Fox pillow from Mimi'Lou. 8. Handmade stamps by Ingela P Arrhenius. 9. Grace plate from Donna Wilson. 10. Unicorn head from Flatout Frankie. 11. Playon crayons from Studio Slinky. 12. Ochre crown by Oeuf. 13. Bear mask from Down To The Woods. 14. Bear print from Paper Plane Store.


Layered Cakes in Glasses

There’s something so novel about the thought of a cupcake in a jar. We think these Red Velvet glass dwellers from My Baking Addiction are remarkable and would make the perfect Christmas pudding. Or if you’re feeling extra generous, screw on a few lids and completely wow your friends at your next picnic in the park.

Little Baby & Products we love

Gift Ideas for Baby - Under $50

1. Cat frame from Ferm Living. 2. Roulapic the Rabbit from Djeco. 3. Rainbow car from Plan Toys. 4. Multi-colour Rabbit from Anne-Claire Petit. 5. Shape & Sort toy from Plan Toys. 6. Fox Frame from Ferm Living. 7. Dino push toy from Dwell Studio. 8. Geo nesting board from Play To Learn. 9. Linen crocodile from Babyssimo. 10. Landscape dinner set from Doiy. 11. Shape & Colour wallet cards from So Awesome. 12. Boa draft stopper from Paper Plane Store. 13. Stack & nest cups from Kido-o.